Why Use Propane on Your Poultry Farm?

The advantages of propane are numerous and significant.

Cost savings

When purchase price, cost of operation, tax incentives, and maintenance requirements are all considered then each dollar you save can make a huge difference. That’s why it’s important to use propane reduce the overall cost for your poultry as they deliver equal or superior performance compared to other sources.

Fewer emissions

Propane burns cleanly and efficiently. They emit 11% fewer greenhouse gases than diesel and 24% less than gasoline. That’s why to establish sustainable agriculture and poultry production, we need to use propane for fuel.


Propane doesn’t degrade like other fuel sources which makes it the perfect backup solution for generators. That’s why you can always count on propane to power and operate your poultry farm properly. Propane usage helps to lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. So by using propane as your primary fuel source, you don’t even need to repair or go for service for your poultry equipment as often.


With propane equipment, you don’t have to worry about running new fuel lines or connecting everything to the “grid.” Propane makes it easy to add extra irrigation or grain dryer whenever you need it or relocate your equipment where it’s more needed.

Made in the U.S.A.

As propane is mostly used and produced in America, you are basically supporting an American product when you use propane or fuel oil and kerosene for your poultry farm. This way you can support American business, American industry and contribute to the independence of our national energy by using propane for agriculture and poultry production.

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    No Need to Worry, Our Watch Dog Service Keeps Your Home Warm & Cozy

    Running out of propane gas or fuel oil is no fun. Mount Airy Oil & Gas takes care of it so you don’t have to worry. With our automatic delivery program we will monitor your tanks and keep them full to allow you to do more important things.

    • Computer assisted tank level tracking
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    Switching Out or Installing a Propane or Fuel Oil Tank?

    Here at Mount Airy Oil & Gas when you choose us as your preferred supplier we are committed to get your new tank installed in a timely matter to reduce any unnecessary downtime.

    We know how urgent it can be when you have moved into a new home in the Triad of NC or in Southwest Virginia or are thinking about switching propane companies and need a tank installed.

    NC Triad & Southwest Virginia residents, businesses and agricultural count on us for all there propane and fuel oil needs.

    Our trained professional service team will coordinate with you to get your tank safely and promptly installed.


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