Why Mount Airy Oil & Gas Company Does It Better!


Welcome to Mount Airy Oil & Gas Company: providing prompt, professional fuel delivery and services. We are committed to customer satisfaction and safety.  Our team of delivery and service professionals are trained and insured.  We provide heating solutions that are affordable and keep you comfortable a year long. Here is why we  are the leading Fuel supplier in the Triad:

♦  Time Tested: With over 50 years in the heating fuels business we understand what it takes to keep happy customers.

♦  Dependable Delivery:  With our experienced fleet of drivers and our watch dog program you can rest assured that you tanks will stay full and your home will stay warm.

♦  Proven Products:  We only supply and sell the highest quality products in the industry.

♦  Trained Professionals:  Our service staff has been through rigorous training and participate in annual updates to insure the most knowledgeable and professionals are there when you need us.

♦  Safety is Our 1st Priority:  We got your back.  Our staff are always observant of potential hazards and take the necessary precautions for the safety of our customers.

♦  We’re Here for You:  Our Staff is available 24/7 to help you with any problems that may arise.

See why Mount Airy Oil & Gas does it better.  Whether you’re a new or returning customer we always make you feel right at home. Call us Today at 336-786-7660 to Schedule a Delivery or Service!  


Delivery and Service Personnel


Since 1964!

Propane & Fuel Oil Delivery, Service & Installation
to the Triad & Southwest Virginia  

Residences and businesses have been depending on Mount Airy Oil & Gas for over 50 years. Your home heat and comfort is our delivery and service teams’ top priority.  Delivering Fuel Oil, Propane & Kerosene to homes and businesses in the Triad & Southwest Virginia.

Our Service Areas:

No Need to Worry, Our Watch Dog Service Keeps Your Home Warm & Cozy

Running out of propane gas or fuel oil is no fun. Mount Airy Oil & Gas takes care of it so you don’t have to worry. With our automatic delivery program we will monitor your tanks and keep them full to allow you to do more important things.

  • Computer assisted tank level tracking
  • On time fuel delivery to your home or business
  • You don’t even have to call to order
  • Premium Service is no cost to you!